Air compressor Condensate drain of Dryer

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Air compressor Condensate drain of Dryer

Please confirm the air compressor dryer condensed drain situations every day. it should be cleaned regularly according to maintenance standards. Please do according to the following steps:

Decomposition, Cleaning method:

1. Stop the compressor according to the shutdown method as instruction recorded. Note 1
2. Turn the small cock counterclockwise to remove the residual condensed water and pressure in the pipeline.
3. Remove the end cap of the Y-mesh filter.
4. Take out the filter mesh in the Y-mesh filter and clean it.
5. Put the cleaned filter back to the original place of Y mesh filter, and reinstall it.


If there is still leakage or condensed water cannot be discharged after cleaning, please replace the water reservoir.

Decomposition, Cleaning method

Manual condenser drain method of dryer:

Please close the small cock connected to the condenser manual drain of dryer. When the condensed water cannot be discharged from the automatic drain outlet due to the malfunction of the solenoid valve, open the small cock connected to the manual drain to discharge the condensed water.


Check the drain outlet of the small cock whether is downward connected. if not, the strongly sprayed condensed water may be sprayed to the operator when the condensed water is discharged manually. which is very dangerous.

 Manual condenser drain method of dryer:

Note 1

Stop the machine

1. Press the stop button to stop the compressor.
2.Open the back panel back door and confirm that the pressure gauge inside the oil separator reads 0MPa.
(After about 2~3 minutes of shutdown, it drops to 0MPa)
3.Close the blow off valve completely.
4. Cut off the main power supply.