Check Regularly (Air Compressor Cooler)

In 2004, we won the Taiwan Excellent Award and certificated the ISO 9001. Our company makes efforts to enhance the professional knowledge about the compressors and the plans of our factory.


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Check Regularly (Air Compressor Cooler)

Check Regularly (Air Compressor Cooler)

Cleaning of Air Compressor Cooler

If garbage is attached to the cooling side of the cooler, it will affect the heat dissipation and make the lubricating oil and compressed air not fully cooled. So, it must be cleaned at this time.


  1. Press the stop button.
  2. Cut off the main power supply.
  3. Remove the right side cover plate and fan cover plate.
  4. Prepare a dust blower jet that bends the front end of the jet in advance, below air from the lower part of the cooler to the heat sink, and purge the attached garage and dust.
  5. Install the removed cover back to its original position.

  Cleaning of Air Compressor Cooler

 Cleaning of cooler- dust blower jet

Important Tips

When the dirt of the cooler is serious, it should be cleaned with steam. Please contact the dealer or original company.