Check Regularly Air Compressor(Air Filter Element)

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Check Regularly Air Compressor(Air Filter Element)

Check Regularly Air Compressor(Air Filter Element)

Cleaning and Replacement of Air Compressor Air Filter

Please clean or replace the air filter as soon as possible when found the alarm of blockage of the air filter.

If the air filter is blocked, continuing to run the compressor will not only reduce the efficiency of the compressor, but also lead the damage of the air filter.


  1. Press the stop button.
  2. Cut off the main power supply.
  3. Open the front door plate and wait for the inside pressure gauge of oil separator down to 0MPa.
  4. Loosen 3 places metal buckles and pull out the inner filter element.
  5. Slap softly the filter element to remove the larger dirt, and then clean it with a jet gun.
  6. Wipe the dirt in the housing and end cap of the air filter.
  7. Install the air filter element firmly into the housing as it is.

  Cleaning and Replacement of Air Compressor Air Filter
 Cleaning and Replacement of Air Compressor Air Filter

Important Tips:

The cleaning times of the filter element cannot exceed 5 times .Replace the filter element with a new one when serious scaling of the filter element. Please order the air filter element from Dolomann.

After cleaning, please make sure that there is no damage inside the filter element with light and then use it again.


Notice :

  • The replacement of air filter must be carried out after the air compressor stops.
  • When the air filter sucks the exhaust gas of automobiles or soot from incinerators and boilers, it will be blocked earlier than usual. In this case, on the basis of checking the installation surroundings of the air compressor, take measures such as setting air intake channel or displacement should be taken to make sure clean air.