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Dolomann Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer of three filters and spare parts air compressor for nearly 30 years, and has professional experience in testing and research and development.


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Dolomann Industrial Filter - A Professional Manufacturer of Filters & Spare Part Air Compressors For Nearly 30 Years

Located in Taiwan, Dolomann Co. Ltd. is a filters and spare part air compressors supplier and manufacturer in Machinery Industry.

Dolomann has more than 20 years of professional knowledge and maintenance technology for air compressor. and all the products produced have resumes, and cooperate with 5G communication to import AR application and cooperation to ensure the quality and trust of the guaranteed products.

Dolomann Industrial Filter has been offering customers filters and spare parts air compressors since 2007, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Dolomann Industrial Filter ensures each customer's demands are met.


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  • How to choose and match Submersible air compressor with post-processing equipment?

    Different air compressor equipped with different requirements, some need the rear equipment, but some may not need. If users need to have high-requirements for compressed air, that would be have more filter equipment. Following will introduce the effect of the processing equipment of the diving air compressor and how to choose and match the post-processing equipment according to the users’ required.


    The air-oil separator of scroll air compressor made by China factory has been used in the air compressor for less than 400 hours, and the control panel of the air compressor shows high temperature. After checking by our engineers, we found that the oil-air separator has been separated, which causes the running oil and temperature rising. This air-oil separator is used in the China original factory, and the quality is inferior to that of made in Taiwan. If the air compressor consumes oil and the oil runs to the pipeline, which pollutes the pipeline and the products, the loss caused exceeds the cost of an air compressor. It is necessary to stop the machine to clean the pipeline, which will result in no wind available at the factory site, the defective rate of the product may increase, so the intangible loss is even more difficult to estimate. Therefore, it must choose the high-quality air-oil separator.Dolomann company has more than 30 years’ experience in the field of air compressors, in terms of manufacturing filter element, we pay special attention to and strengthen many details. Our company used chopping wheels and spot welding on the upper cover and filter body to make sure no separation. Good quality and being responsible for customers are the greatest purpose of our company.

  • Check Regularly (Air Compressor Motor lubrication Oil)

    Inspection of the belt: The compressor is equipped with automatically adjusting for the belt tension, which can correct the belt tension drop caused by perennial use. Please check the belt regularly.

  • Check Regularly (Air Compressor Oil Separator Element)

    Air Compressor Oil Separator Element Replacement

  • Check Regularly (Air Compressor Pressure regulating check valve)

    Inspection and replacement of air compressor pressure regulating check valve

  • Check Regularly (Air Compressor Cooler)

    Check Regularly (Air Compressor Cooler)

  • Check Regularly Air Compressor(Air Filter Element)

    Check Regularly Air Compressor(Air Filter Element)

  • Check Regularly- Air Compressor Oil Filter Element

    Check Regularly- Air Compressor Oil Filter Element

  • Check Regularly-The Test of Air compressor Safety Valve

    The Steps of Air Compressor Safety Valve Test

  • Air compressor Condensate drain of Dryer

    Please confirm the air compressor dryer condensed drain situations every day. it should be cleaned regularly according to maintenance standards. Please do according to the following steps:

  • What is the Causes of Oil Carry-Over in Compressed Air Systems?

    Dolomann has more than 20 years of professional knowledge and maintenance technology for air compressor.If you are having issues with your compressed air system, then it is likely due to excessive oil carry-over. Oil carry-over is a common problem in rotary screw air compressors. There are several causes of oil carry-over. Luckily, there are ways to fix these problems and prevent them in the future.

  • Do air filters need to be used according to the on-site environment?

    Dolomann company's filter material is Heavy duty, which is a filter material with high precision and high nano-scale. It is suitable for all kinds of environments and high nano-scale filter materials, and it is suitable for all kinds of environments for 3000 ~ 6000HR hours.

  • Will air filtration affect the operation of air compressor?

    Yes, it will! Air filter is like human lung. If you provide high-quality air source, it will be reflected in the performance of air compressor.

  • Will the oil filter affect the oil separator?

    Yes, it will! If the particle size of oil stains in oil products cannot be controlled well, it will definitely affect the air / oil separator.

  • How to judge the fault of air / oil separator?

    Air / Oil separator is the most important spare parts for spiral air compressor. If the product quality is poor, it can be judged immediately that the increase of oil content in the air outlet will affect all equipment in the production line, so some manufacturers will reply that the oil consumption of oil compressor is normal, which is incorrect; If the equipment needs to be refueled and maintained every month, but you do not do it. After that, you will spend more money to maintain, it is the responsibility of air compressor manufacturers to provide high-quality air supply to all production equipment,, and providing high-quality and spare parts is Dolomann company's goal and responsibility.

  • If air filtration and oil filtration is poor, is the air/oil separator affected first?

    The standard of oil filtration particle size is 10μm, and the particle size of air-oil separation is 5 ~ 0.3 m, it is necessary to pay more attention to the pollution sources in oil products.

  • Will air filters and oil filters with low price and poor quality cause serious consequences for air compressors?

    Yes, most people ignore the problem of quality, because the equipment does not fail immediately, and it will appear immediately as time goes by. The pressure difference is large and then power consumption needs to be taken into account.

  • Is the filter certified?

    Yes! Dolomann company is the only three-filter manufacturer in Taiwan, which uses German imported materials, all of which have been tested by SGS and TTRI. Provide sales and maintenance services, quick and reliable products and after-sales service. Compared with some manufacturers, they only provide catalog data as authentication.

  • Is there an after-sales service team and warranty?

    Yes! After-sales service and warranty. Dolomann company has a professional maintenance team (20 ~ 30 years' experience in air compressor), and all the products produced have resumes, and also we cooperate with 5G communication to import AR application and cooperation to ensure the quality and trust of the guaranteed products.

  • Does the clean level of compressed air meet the certification standard of ISO 8573.1?

    Yes! Comply with international specification and regulations on the cleanliness level of pollutants (particle moisture and oil). Compressed air is used in various manufacturing processes, products and containers also have the opportunity to contact with compressed air. In various markets, the era of compressed air with high purity has come. Therefore, the compressed air supply system is required to remove pollutants and ensure the quality. According to the content of pollutants, the certification standard of ISO 8573.1 was established.

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