How to choose and match Submersible air compressor with post-processing equipment?

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How to choose and match Submersible air compressor with post-processing equipment?

Different air compressor equipped with different requirements, some need the rear equipment, but some may not need. If users need to have high-requirements for compressed air, that would be have more filter equipment. Following will introduce the effect of the processing equipment of the diving air compressor and how to choose and match the post-processing equipment according to the users’ required.

1.Submersible air compressor generate the compressed air:

The compressed air contain the oil, moisture and other impurities, despite the air-oil separator can separate the oil from gas, but a small amount of oil and water will go out with air. Herewith, we need to configure the post-processing equipment, such as freeze dryer, filter and air-oil separator, etc. The freeze dryer machine mainly remove wat, precision filter is remove oil and air impurities.

2.Configuring compressed filter is to remove pollutants in compressed air:

In order to remove the pollutants such as scrap iron, dust, oil and hydrocarbon mist to provide high-quality compressed air that meets the application requirements. It is one of the essential filtering equipment in factories or laboratories. The filter includes an upper cover, a middle housing and a lower shell. Both the upper cover and middle housing have two round holes, two aluminum barrels are connected side by side between the two round holes of the upper cover and the middle housing to form the first and second filtering chambers. The end of the lower shell is connected with a drain device with a floating ball.  

3.The function of precision filter:

To remove the concentration of oil mist in compressed air to a higher U grade specification, and remove particles larger than 0.01micron and oil content larger than 0.003PPM.

4.The function of air storage tank

Energy storage and buffering. Avoid the instability air after the filter is blocked. According to different air demand to select the air storage tank , which is usually twice that of the front air storage tank.

5.The function of freeze dryer machine:

Firs, remove most of the water vapor to reduce the water content in the compressed air to the requirement rang (i.e.ISO8573.1dew point demand);Secondly, separate the oil mist, oil vapor from the compressed air, and discharge them by the freeze dryer machine.

Through the above post-processing equipment of diving air compressor, the compressed air should be pure, clear and safe which can be used directly used for human breathing.