Compressed Air Oil-Free Purification and Catalytic Reaction System, Patent NO.: I663374.

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Compressed Air Oil-Free Purification and Catalytic Reaction System, Patent NO.: I663374.

2019/06/21 Dolomann Industrial Filter

The compressed air oil-free purification and catalytic reaction system includes: an oil air compressor for providing compressed air; The air storage tank is used for storing compressed air; The low-temperature filtering and drying device is connected with the air outlet of the air storage tank, and uses low-temperature deceleration to increase the viscosity of oil and enlarge water molecules, which are easy to be coated by the impact of water droplets and oil mist, and accelerate the condensation speed to collect water and oil stains in compressed air; Generally, the catalyst machine is connected with the air outlet of the low-temperature filtration and drying device, and the oxygen catalytic reaction between the national oil molecules, pollutants or viruses and the catalytic materials in the catalyst machine achieves the effects of decontamination, sterilization and disinfection; Then, through an adsorption dryer, the compressed air treated by the catalyst for further filtered, and finally becomes clean, oil-free and sterile compressed air.