Dolomann Absolute Oil Removal Filter for Air Compressor

The full view of Dolomann absolute oil removal filter for air compressor. / In 2004, we won the Taiwan Excellent Award and certificated the ISO 9001. Our company makes efforts to enhance the professional knowledge about the compressors and the plans of our factory.

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Located in Taiwan, Dolomann Co. Ltd. is a Dolomann Absolute Oil Removal Filter for Air Compressor supplier and manufacturer in Machinery Industry.

Dolomann has more than 20 years of professional knowledge and maintenance technology for air compressor. and all the products produced have resumes, and cooperate with 5G communication to import AR application and cooperation to ensure the quality and trust of the guaranteed products.

Dolomann Industrial Filter has been offering customers filters and spare parts air compressors since 2007, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Dolomann Industrial Filter ensures each customer's demands are met.

Dolomann Absolute Oil Removal Filter for Air Compressor

ABL-30, ABL-50, ABL-100, ABL-200, ABL-300, ABL-600

The Dolomann absolute oil removal filter for air compressor is placed between air tank and dryer, and the oil content in compressed air containing oil, water and impurities is reduced to below 0.5ppm and the water content is reduced by 40%. After drying the air by dryer, the residual oil and gas are completely absorbed by precision filter group, and the oil content can be controlled to 0.01ppm or even 0.003ppm, almost reaching the oil-free machine.

No matter any oil-lubricated screw machine, rotary or reciprocating air compressor, the compressed air spewed out contains oil, water, impurities, etc., which will affect the service life of machines and tools in the factory or poor products. The Dolomann absolute oil-removing filter can solve the above problems, and can also prevent the laser machine lens or CCD camera lens from being polluted by oil mist.


  • Compressed air enters the absolute oil removal filter, and cyclone separation is generated to throw out water and discharge it regularly.
  • Separate oil and air in compressed air, and discharge residual oil stain regularly.
  • Check the pressure difference between inside and outside the separator at any time (note: if the difference is 1Bar, it must be updated).
  • Electronic automatic timing discharge of water and oil pollution, and the discharge time can be adjusted according to the amount of discharge.
  • It can prevent the loss of peripheral equipment and pipelines in the rear section when the air compressor exhausts a large amount of oil.
  • Reduce the water discharge of the rear freeze dryer and the impurities in the compressed air blocking the drainer.
  • Prolong that service life of the precision filter.
  • Best equipment selection in semiconductor or panel industry.

Using the weight of water, the oil is discharged down at the same time, so that the impurities of compressed air are reduced first, and the burden of air-oilseparation in the rear air compressor system is reduced. The indicators are as follows

  • Air Oil Content Below 0.01ppm.
  • Outlet Water Content is 0.0137g/m³.
  • Dust content of outlet air is below 0.1ppm.
  • Compressed Air Quality CLASS-1.

Name / Item123456
Initial Pressure Drop Bar00.
Air Oil Content Ppm00.0010.
Specification Table
ModelFlow Rate (m³/min)Port Size (mm)O-ring Type (mm)External Dimensions (mm)
ABL-304.01-1/2" x 2170 x 5.7244 x 900
ABL-508.01-1/2" x 2170 x 5.7244 x 900
ABL-10016.02″ x 2230 x 5.7325 x 965
ABL-20028.02-1/2" x 2230 x 5.7390 x 1230
ABL-30040.03" x 3F315 x 5.7490 x 1430
ABL-60075.06F x 3420 x 5.7580 x 1600


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