Dolomann BKAD-5 Automatic Drainer of Air Compressor

BKAD-5 Automatic Drainer. / In 2004, we won the Taiwan Excellent Award and certificated the ISO 9001. Our company makes efforts to enhance the professional knowledge about the compressors and the plans of our factory.

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Located in Taiwan, Dolomann Co. Ltd. is a Dolomann BKAD-5 Automatic Drainer of Air Compressor supplier and manufacturer in Machinery Industry.

Dolomann has more than 20 years of professional knowledge and maintenance technology for air compressor. and all the products produced have resumes, and cooperate with 5G communication to import AR application and cooperation to ensure the quality and trust of the guaranteed products.

Dolomann Industrial Filter has been offering customers filters and spare parts air compressors since 2007, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Dolomann Industrial Filter ensures each customer's demands are met.

Dolomann BKAD-5 Automatic Drainer of Air Compressor

Dolomann's BKAD-5 automatic drainer, which belongs to large flow automatic drainer, discharges excess water through physical and differential pressure principle, and does not need power supply to reduce power consumption. As the cylinder of the air compressor will release the compressed air to the air tank after compressing the air, at this time, due to the temperature drop, the water vapor of the compressed air will condense into water drops, and if the water drop is not treated, the metal may rust, so it is necessary to discharge these water drops out of the air compressor by the automatic drainer to prolong the service life.

For automatic drainer of traditional air compressor, the outlet valve is at the bottom of the pneumatic automatic drainer, as the density of oil is smaller than that of water, the oil will float on the water surface and not easy to discharge, so it is easy to cause the drain port to be blocked. The water outlet of Dolomann automatic drainer is at the top of the automatic drainer, the oil floats on the water surface will be discharged first and then drained water. So the water outlet will not be blocked. Moreover, the height of the pneumatic automatic drainer is lower than that of the gas storage tank, it can automatically drain water by using the high and low drop of the water level, without using electricity can save parts of the electric energy.


  • By the differential pressure principle of physical properties, water is drainer without using power supply.
  • Large displacement, the maximum can reach 450 liters per hour.
  • The pressure range used is from 0.29 to 0.98 MPa.
  • The temperature range used is from 2 to 60 degrees.
  • The interval time of drainage can be adjusted by yourself.


It is mainly used to remover moisture from air compressor, these compressed air are stored in the air tank after compressing the air. As the temperature of the air tank is lower than that in the cylinder, the water vapor of the compressed air condenses into water droplets, and lubrication oil often enters the air tank along with the compressed air, the water and oil must be removed.

Dolomann's automatic drainer can discharge the water and oil-water mixture in the air tank out the system, keep the pipeline of the air compressor unblocked, and finally enhance the service life of the air compress.


The automatic drainer of air compressor.


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