Dolomann Replacement for Air Compressor Particulate Counter

The front view of Dolomann replacement for Particulate Counter. / In 2004, we won the Taiwan Excellent Award and certificated the ISO 9001. Our company makes efforts to enhance the professional knowledge about the compressors and the plans of our factory.

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Dolomann Replacement for Air Compressor Particulate Counter | A Filter & Compressor Manufacturer - Dolomann Industrial Filter

Located in Taiwan, Dolomann Co. Ltd. is a Dolomann Replacement for Air Compressor Particulate Counter supplier and manufacturer in Machinery Industry.

Dolomann has more than 20 years of professional knowledge and maintenance technology for air compressor. and all the products produced have resumes, and cooperate with 5G communication to import AR application and cooperation to ensure the quality and trust of the guaranteed products.

Dolomann Industrial Filter has been offering customers filters and spare parts air compressors since 2007, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Dolomann Industrial Filter ensures each customer's demands are met.

Dolomann Replacement for Air Compressor Particulate Counter

Are you still guessing the oil content in the air?
Are you still waiting for the oil to contaminate the product before you find that you need to replace the filter elements?

It is the loss of the company that have the bad products. Don't be afraid, our company invented the particulate counter to help you detect when to replace element to avoid oil pollution to expensive machines.

The Dolomann replacement for air compressor Particulate Counter can be hung on the outlet end of the micro-filter or air / oil separator, which can detect the oil content in the air compressor pipeline, and the oil pollution value can be presented immediately, so that your air quality can be kept in the best state, the product will not be polluted, the yield will be maintained, and the productivity will be improved.

Particulate counter is also a good weapon in the air compressor industry, which can help customers detect whether the filter element needs to be replaced at any time, so that customers can feel at ease and trust.


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