Dolomann White Iron Check Valve Special for Air Compressor

Full view of white iron check valve. / In 2004, we won the Taiwan Excellent Award and certificated the ISO 9001. Our company makes efforts to enhance the professional knowledge about the compressors and the plans of our factory.

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Located in Taiwan, Dolomann Co. Ltd. is a Dolomann White Iron Check Valve Special for Air Compressor supplier and manufacturer in Machinery Industry.

Dolomann has more than 20 years of professional knowledge and maintenance technology for air compressor. and all the products produced have resumes, and cooperate with 5G communication to import AR application and cooperation to ensure the quality and trust of the guaranteed products.

Dolomann Industrial Filter has been offering customers filters and spare parts air compressors since 2007, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, Dolomann Industrial Filter ensures each customer's demands are met.

Dolomann White Iron Check Valve Special for Air Compressor

Dolomann is very particular about the quality of check valve of air compressor. The white iron check valve of Dolomann is an oil return check valve installed in the air-oil separator of air compressor. It is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which has a good temperature resistance, is not easy to deform and has low failure rate, ensuring the oil returning, avoiding invalid gas consumption and improving the efficiency of air compressor.

Dolomann's white iron check has various size, which can be matched by customer themselves' inquiry, and accept customized services of different size and material.

Dolomann has been deeply involved in the field of air compressor for 30 years, and has won ISO 9001 certification, with guaranteed quality.


Dolomann's white iron check valve can prevent the fluid from flowing back when stop the air compressor and the pressure drop to 0 Pa.

  • Oil Resistance.
  • High Temperature Resistance.
  • Maximum Withstand Voltage: 30kh/cm²
  • Starting Pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.3kg/Cm²
  • Acid and Alkali Resistance.
  • Prevent Fluid Back Flow.


If the air compressor stops due to failure or power cut, there is not enough pressure to push the compressed air. At this time, the compressed air in the air storage cylinder of the air compressor may flow back to the cylinder due to the difference of air pressure, which will affect the compressed air in the cylinder. In order to prevent air or other impurity from flowing backwards, the compressed air is limited in the air storage tank by the check valve of the air compressor. The check valve can avoid air backflow in the pipeline and harm to the interior of the compressor.

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White Iron (Stainless Steel) Check Valve


We can quote separately according to customer's requirements Special sizes and materials can be customized.